Mission Tips V2 – Nuke Mini

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Product Information

Experience enhanced vaping with Mission Tips v2 and the sleek NUKE Mini design.

Mission Tips V2 works with DotAIO/Boro Devices.

>MISSION TIPS V2 – DotAIO/Boro Devices. (Nuke Mini)

Introducing the next evolution in drip tips – MISSION TIPS v2! After four incredible years of innovation, we’re thrilled to unveil our latest creation. With inspiration drawn from our past successes and feedback from our community, MISSION TIPS v2 is here to revolutionize your vaping experience.

Upgrade your vaping experience with MISSION TIPS v2, featuring:

  • Available for both BORO and DOTAIO formats
  • Swappable bore reducers (4.2 mm inner diameter without reducer & 3 mm inner diameter with reducer)
  • Swappable sleeves for versatile use across platforms
  • Secure locking mechanism for added stability
  • Innovative anti-condensation feature for DOTAIO version
  • NUKE Mini design in sleek black and white Delrin, blending innovation with style.
Tip Variant

Black Delrin (Boro), Black Delrin (DotAio), White Delrin (Boro), White Delrin (DotAIO)