Mission Spacepod EXO

$54.99 USD

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Product Information

The Spacepod EXO retains the essence of our previous models while boasting significant upgrades.


  • Available in four different composites: Red Planet, Moon, Dark Matter, and Milky Way.
  • The Spacepod EXO core is crafted from crystal-clear PCTG material, ensuring durability and compatibility with any type of juice.
  • Custom curved gasket facilitates smooth glass operation and guarantee a secure fit at all times.
  • The removable EXO core enhances functionality, allowing for easier installation of o-rings and gaskets, as well as interchangeability with various materials for the EXO shell, including those from other modders.
Kit Contents:
  • Spacepod EXO Shell
  • Spacepod EXO Core (PCTG)
  • Curved Gasket and O-rings
  • Authenticity Card
  • Spare Parts Bag

Dark Matter, Glacier-X, Milky Way, Moon, Permafrost, Red Planet